Anyone interested in joining me for Kid Koala's show at (believe it or not) Ottawa Chamberfest this Friday night? Tickets are $35, general admission; show starts at 10:00 p.m. at De La Salle H.S. downtown.

Kid Koala is a Canadian turntablist with a jazzy, storytelling vibe. For this particular show, he's teaming up with a string ensemble and also a visual performance group. I expect that it'll be weird but wonderful!

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Sorry. Xiphia and I will pass as we'll be stateside at Pennsic. Enjoy!
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Not unexpected... perhaps some other time. He seems to do shows here every few years.

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Have been planning to see this one ever since Chamberfest announced the festival line up! Not sure if I'll catch the Saturday matinee instead (10PM seems a little late for poor sleepy me) but if not, then I will enthusiastically see you there! :D


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