Nufonia Must Fall was a weird and wonderful show: it was in fact a sci-fi movie, being created live on stage. There's a matinee at 3 today, so you can experience it for yourself. I don't know whether he's going to come out after and spin tunes in the lobby, as he did last night, but he might. Kid Koala spinning "Moon River" at midnight in a high school lobby as part of a chamber music festival is pretty far out!

One thing that struck me was that most of the audience was around my age and up, with lots of non-mainstream folks in evidence; nobody I knew, though. I did, however, see a fox dart out of the parking lot and across a road as I headed back to my car, rounding out a remarkably wacky night at the end of a really hectic week.

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Weird indeed, but also impressive the way the puppetry collaborated with the videography. Unfortunately Kid Koala did not come out to the lobby as far as I can tell. I would have really loved that as he's the reason I went to see the show to begin with. Moon River in particular would have been amazing. *sigh* Serves me right for going to bed early that night, I guess. There were a LOT of children/families out at the matinee. Not entirely sure why... I mean, it didn't strike me as the most kid-friendly show. But then again, there wasn't anything inappropriate therein so.... I guess Ottawa has some very cultured, patient children around. *shrug* Glad you had a great experience. :)
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