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Could be useful for backfeeding on a limited basis, but only in some extremely controlled circumstances. (I've had a few of them on boats, where the wiring is often easy to isolate, say, between a gen set an shore power.)

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It can be useful... it's not a very safe way to do it, though.

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Consider: My house does not have power. It has been disconnected, because I have not paid my bill.

You are my neighbour, who pays your bills. YOUR house has power.

I sneak over and plug one end of this into an external socket, then back to my house and plug the other end into one of MY external sockets.

Poof: My house is now powered, on your dime. As long as I don't pull enough current to blow your breaker....

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Then you get evicted, and a team of electricians comes to work on your former house before selling it.

They carefully shut off and lock out the power at the main panel. Every electrician puts a padlock on the panel lockout, so they are absolutely sure there is no power to the house wiring.

They then start to upgrade the supposedly-dead electrical system.

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Yup. Just, there is a real-world use for those cables and a reason people want them, and also why the hardware store in question, which is in the business of making arbitrarily-long outdoor power cords, wants to NOT make them.

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And that's why the proper procedure is lockout-tagout-CHECK.


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