It's great to be here tonight, folks! Or at least, that's what two-thirds of LJ's userbase seems to think right now!

This should still crosspost there; I'll keep my LJ alive for a while, but I've ended my automatic paid account renewal.

In other news, I had hoped to get to Quebec City for a martial arts seminar (aikido and iaido), but got hit last week by the flu that's going around town. I spent the weekend in town with family instead.

[personal profile] diaspora and I got out to the Cobbs's Creek and Bearbrook Creek spring floods yesterday, where we saw more water than we usually would, and consequentially fewer geese. We did still see a decent number of Canada and Snow Geese, and quite a few Pintail Ducks. We also saw more muskrats than I've seen in one place before, including some young ones--very cute.

The water was high because of recent intense rains, which flooded not only the creeks, but our basement, via the window. Fortunately, the main casualties were empty boxes, which went out with recycling this morning. We'll have to get the back yard regraded, as the root cause of the flooding is subsidence of the ground around the foundation. We'll probably recaulk the window too, and get some insulation replaced to head off any mold issues.

Yes, I'm trying to be a bit more vocal on here... maybe we can get some energy back into a decent social platform!
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From: [personal profile] diaspora

Yay decent social platform!

The Cobb's Creek floodplain was pretty amazing (going to post the cellphone picture you took?) I think what really got me was the waves in the water. (And the "road closed" sign literally a few feet back from a lake. Um, thanks for letting us know. We'd never have noticed.) Hopefully the dabbling duck scene will become more interesting soon as the water recedes a bit.
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From: [personal profile] beable

They apparently now have one.
(They always did, if you emailed a post in, but now apparently there's a real image thingie. I haven't checked it out.
Is it sad that the last few times I posted images to my DW or LJ I used my neglected Tumblr to hold the images?)
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From: [personal profile] mustangsallie33


Oh my! Sorry to hear about your basement flooding. I guess that means that your snow has finally changed to rain.
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From: [personal profile] foms

I, too, noticed that the water seems especially high, this year. Rather than walk from our house, I've been lobbying to take the car to other places and then walk. On Saturday, I suggested Hog's Back. My goodness, water gets loud when it wants to.


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